el greco sky

It’s not too much to ask of February/March to deliver a hometown sky equivalent to a View of Toledo, is it?
Just once or twice, instead of day after day of vapid blue sky? It is winter, after all.
How about an occasional, teensy, triumphal shaft of light piercing roiling thunderheads? A little heavenly drama, please.

Image found here

I do crave drama, the quick change artists, the rhythm of surge and collapse. Show your colors, stretch your neck out.


Thank heavens for tulips in February and March.

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6 Responses to el greco sky

  1. I think you need to visit Portland.

  2. Scott Weber says:

    Hahaha…Loree beat me to it! We’ve had some really nice sunsets lately…lots of roiling clouds to soothe the weary soul 🙂

  3. Denise says:

    Loree, ha! So true. I bet you’d love day after day of searing blue sky! Really sets me on edge, probably just like your reaction to endless grey days.
    Scott, sounds lovely.

  4. hoov says:

    Not only the sky, but El Greco’s green green hills! Ours are already browning up. 🙁

  5. linda says:

    One reason David Hockney left LA to return home to Yorkshire. And happily painting Landscapes ever since

  6. Denise says:

    Hoov, I envy those velvety green hills too.
    Linda, I guess a rule of thumb is follow the painters and glass blowers for the best sky!

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