Preview: San Francisco Flower & Garden Show 2012

Only the first day of spring, yet garden show season has already arrived in many parts of the country.
MB Maher
was in attendance today at the preview to this year’s San Francisco Flower & Garden Show.
Just a couple photos to whet, not spoil, the excitement.




Have you guessed the name of this designer/nurseryman yet?
(Hint: An American meadow gardener was let loose in the exhibit hall.)


Sculptures by Bay Area artist Marcia Donahue.

see you there.

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4 Responses to Preview: San Francisco Flower & Garden Show 2012

  1. ks says:

    As the 1st commemter I won’t play spoiler by spilling the beans on the identity of the designer …and I guessed the sculptress too before I scrolled down and saw the name. I passed the test with extra credit ! Kudos to MB for actually taking lovely images in one of the worst photo enviornments on the planet. Hope to catch up on Fri …

  2. Denise says:

    Kathy, truly photos are a challenge at these shows. We’ll probably find each other at the Geraniaceae booth again!

  3. Scott Weber says:

    OMG…I’m in LOVE with it…all those wonderful grasses!

  4. Greenlee is up to his old trick huh?

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