back in a few

While we’re away for a couple days for the San Francisco Flower & Garden show, Agave ‘Mr. Ripples’ will have to take over chin-scratching duties. Don’t wear him out, Joseph, okay?


Good or bad, inspired or tired, garden shows are the exclamation point to spring.


March couldn’t be a better time. The obsessive examination of my own garden for signs of spring gets a little intense, and it’s a relief to look further afield.



See you on Sunday.

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2 Responses to back in a few

  1. hoov says:

    Enjoy, enjoy, while I nurse my leg. I love that last poppy shot.

  2. Joseph and my Pearl are both fond of an agave scratch. I had thought the A. ovatifolia was looking a little peaked, and then I caught her at it! Hope you’re enjoying The Show!

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