a week in the PNW

Day one of a week touring gardens and nurseries in the Pacific Northwest. Here’s a clue to our first stop after landing in Portland, Oregon.


Still stumped? More clues…


Obviously, this can only be Loree’s incredible garden (the Danger Garden), which we toured the day after it appeared in Apartment Therapy.

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13 Responses to a week in the PNW

  1. Peter says:

    Lila and her garden are beautiful! Loree is pretty cool, too.

  2. I showed Lila her cute mug on my laptop which then had her looking behind the screen trying to find out where the rest of the dog was.

    So glad you and your fun group could make the stop, it was wonderful! Which I could have traveled on with you…

  3. (make that wish, not which)

  4. gardenbug says:

    I’m so glad to catch this reportage. Wishing I could be there, but can follow along at least while I count the days until my grandchild’s arrival. THANK YOU!

  5. Les says:

    Envious here!

  6. Deanne says:

    So jealous! wish I was there!

  7. ks says:

    Your bonding moments with Lila paid off Denise.What a charmer she was !

  8. Hoov says:

    That must have been fun! Lila is a doll.

  9. Sue says:

    Thank you Loree for sharing your fabulous garden with us! What a perfect kick off to a week of garden touring.

  10. laguna dirt says:

    I love seeing Loree’s photo tour of her garden on her blog recently, and then featured in Apartment Therapy. What a rock star! And now your unique, beautiful take–both through your eloquent narrative and photos. You must be having a ball!!

  11. Pam/Digging says:

    What an apt description of Loree’s garden, which I had the pleasure of visiting last summer. I couldn’t stop darting through her garden, camera in hand, trying to capture every beautiful and fascinating vignette that she’d put together. And, oh, your photo of Lila is so adorable.

  12. I burst out laughing at your pic of pugnacious Lila! It’s perfect! So glad you got to see Loree’s gorgeous garden.

  13. Denise says:

    @Loree, it was such a pleasure to see you again, and your garden and Lila for the first time. Huge thanks and hugs.
    @So glad you all joined me for a tour of the DG!

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