clippings 2/26/13

Work has piled up, so there’s little time for much else. But something I can always squeeze in while under deadlines are small breaks to read catalogue descriptions of plants. And with impeccable timing, a great Australian plant nursery catalogue was introduced recently by Studio G, so I’m actually looking forward to two more days spent at my desk, stealing occasional visits to Lambley Nursery:The huge palette of rare but garden worthy plants you have featured on the DVD is food for the soul to serious gardeners...” — Simon Rickard

(a DVD?! have mercy! here comes that whooshing sound of another deadline flying by)

It’s a bit of a paradox that, while I look to new catalogues for something exciting and unknown, it’s when I find they tout a plant I already deeply admire that I feel I’m in safe hands and ready to be led anywhere they want to take me. Here’s Lambley’s take on Anthemis ‘Susanna Mitchell,’ a plant I’ve grown off and on for many years:

“This plant, a hybrid between Anthemis tinctoria and the grey leaved spring flowered A. cupaniana, combines the good points of each. Flattish mounds of greyish fern like leaves are covered in the loveliest creamy lemon daisies for months on end from mid-spring to autumn. It makes a great display in our dry garden. A drought tolerant plant growing best in full sun.” Lambley’s photo.

I’ve committed to this anthemis in a big way, making five plants the mainstay of my little “meadow” outside the office.
My anthemis, just budding up now, were planted last fall and come from that excellent nursery on California’s Mendocino Coast, Digging Dog Nursery.


Aside from plant catalogues, there’s lots to distract out in the garden now too. This thistly beauty, Argemone munita, also planted last fall, is a California native offered by Annie’s Annuals & Perennials: “Large crepey pure white blooms 3-4” across with big round central golden “buttons” (much like Matilija Poppy) appear numerously from Spring to mid-Summer on multibranching stems 2-3’ tall & wide.”


More distractions: first blooms are opening on Salvia africana-lutea. Minutes evaporate contemplating its color. Tawny, rusty, sable-ish.

Now, where’d I put that grindstone?

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3 Responses to clippings 2/26/13

  1. Beautiful photograph of the first blooms on Salvia africana-lutea. That photo is stunning. Well done!

  2. Emily Ulrich says:

    Admittedly, I’ve never been too literate on plant life–I’m one of those blissful observer types. These shots are lovely, and it’s true what he said about the resemblance to the daisy. The color, just a little warmer, has the real creaminess to it that daisies do.

  3. Kaveh says:

    I just bought a few of this Anthemis so I am glad to hear that you like it. I haven’t been able to find Anthemis ‘Sauce Hollandaise’ so this seemed a nice alternative.

    I’m so happy that my Salvia africana-lutea (Salvia aurea is the new name but I refuse) was one of few plants spared the indignity of having to be dug up and moved to make way for sewer pipes. It has been covered in blooms for a while now and is growing quite large.

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