scenes from Long Island

It looks like the heat is fairly evenly distributed across the U.S. this Labor Day weekend. In between dipping into a steaming hot garden to cut back agastache, anthemis and senecio, I’m catching up on work and going through summer photos, a much cooler occupation than tangling with rampant summer growth. How different were the mild days of late June when a group of us toured Long Island, New York, which has a vibrant garden culture. I had expected Long Island’s weather to be pretty much what I’m experiencing now, hot and muggy, but it was the mildest, most deliciously cool touring weather one could hope for.

 photo P1015192.jpg

Madoo Conservancy

longhouse photo P1015438.jpg

Longhouse Reserve

 photo P1015297.jpg

A charmer in a container, Aruncus aethusifolius. Longhouse Reserve

 photo P1014599.jpg

gesneriad in the greenhouse at Old Westbury Gardens

 photo P1014598.jpg

Old Westbury Gardens

 photo P1014642.jpg

Immaculately kept greenhouse at Old Westbury Gardens

 photo P1014643.jpg

Tender exotics like Solandra maxima, the cup of gold vine, at Old Westbury Gardens.

vireya rhodie planters field arb Oyster Bay, NY photo P1014636.jpg

Tropical vireya rhododendrons

 photo P1014583.jpg

If begonias are the next big thing in plants, Long Island definitely got the memo. Old Westbury Gardens.

 photo P1014582.jpg

Old Westbury Gardens

 photo P1014577.jpg

Old Westbury Gardens

 photo P1014586.jpg

Old Westbury Gardens

 photo P1014560.jpg

Possibly Alcantarea imperialis, a giant among bromeliads and a favorite of Roberto Burle Marx, at Old Westbury Gardens

 photo P1014505.jpg

Long Island nurseries were bursting with tropicals which will flourish in the heat and humidity

 photo P1015039.jpg

A jubilant celebration of the arrival of summer permeated the island

 photo P1014786.jpg

 photo P1014787.jpg

 photo P1014745.jpg

Preparations for a midsummer’s eve party

 photo P1014918.jpg

Rex begonia vine, Cissus discolor

 photo P1015236.jpg

 photo P1015251.jpg

 photo P1015071.jpg

 photo P1015081.jpg

 photo P1015084.jpg

 photo P1014919.jpg

Garden of the owners of Landcraft Environments, growers who specialize in tender perennials and unusual annuals.

 photo P1014867.jpg

Curving dry-stacked wall backed by a meadow blooming Knautia macedonia in June, Landcraft Environments

 photo P1014895.jpg

Landcraft Environments

 photo P1014848.jpg

Clematis integrifolia as ground cover, Landcraft Environments

 photo P1014849.jpg

Landcraft Environments

 photo P1014941.jpg

The entryway parterre at Landcraft Environments planted in color blocks of berberis

 photo P1014905.jpg

The meadow in June at Landcraft Environments, with lysimachia and knautia in flower

 photo P1014882.jpg

Landcraft Environments

 photo P1014871.jpg

Landcraft Environments, greenhouses in the distance

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6 Responses to scenes from Long Island

  1. Peter/Outlaw says:

    Wow! Gorgeous images! Glad that the weather was kind to you on this tour!

  2. Sue says:

    A great series of memories. It’s hard to believe that was almost two and a half months ago. With the exception of the High Line day, some of the best weather we had all summer was during that LI trip.

  3. How beautiful, It’s hard to believe that was more than two months ago. Beautiful photos Denise. It’s really fun to see all these gardens through someone else’s lens. I don’t believe I even took two pictures in Madoo and only barely remember that seating area.

  4. Since we’re enjoying a stay-at-home Labor Day weekend this was a special treat, I feel like I took a bit of a jaunt.

    Regarding those Begonias this will be an interesting trend and test for me (if it develops) the foliage lover. I’ve never been a fan, too fleshy, too “old lady”…but damn if they don’t have some beautiful colors and patterns.

  5. Denise says:

    @Peter, you never know what to expect weather-wise. Who knew the Bay Area would be roasting hot for the fling?
    @Sue, and the food!
    @Deanne, so many first-rate nurseries too. LI is just a great destination for touring.
    @Loree, I know what you mean about the begonias, but I’m certain there’s some great plants in this vast genus. I’ve picked some real dogs tho. Even my luxurians isn’t looking too happy this summer.

  6. James Golden says:

    Though I technically live on Long Island (Brooklyn), we always head west to western NJ, so I appreciated seeing this post. So much to see. I suppose I should stay in and head out east a couple of weekends.

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