seasonal bouquet project 10/1/13

African basil, Persicaria orientalis, zinnias, tithonia, crithmum, autumn light and shadows, all wrapped up in a rutabaga vase for a Dutch still-life, abundance-of-summer effect. I should have grabbed a snail or two as bit players to slipperfoot up the side of the vase in the style of painter Balthasar van der Ast. God knows the garden could spare them.

 photo P1019707.jpg

 photo P1019753.jpg

 photo P1019736.jpg photo P1019740.jpg

The Seasonal Bouquet Project

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8 Responses to seasonal bouquet project 10/1/13

  1. Scott Weber says:

    That is perfect, Denise…love it!

  2. kathy says:

    Great vase Denise ! I don’t see you as a Zinnia gal..have I misjudged you? Perhaps these grow at the ‘allotment’ ? I love Zinnias and only planted one this year which flounders in a pot with a bullying calibrachoa.Next year I have plans to Zinnia it up around here.

  3. Denise says:

    Scott, I’m glad I didn’t pull the basil when it went to seed. Love those dark bracts!
    Kathy, yes, this is all from the allotment, except for the crithmum. It’s only 10X10 — I could easily fill it with just zinnias!

  4. Hoov says:

    Beautiful vase, beautiful arrangement. Thank you for omitting the snail.

  5. Snails as ornament, huh? Like Hoov, I’m glad you left them out of this hot little bouquet.

  6. I love the color combo. I have always been smitten with purple and orange together. Your Fall bouquet looks lovely.

  7. Blackswampgirl Kim says:

    I adore this arrangement-ALL of it! And I’m drooling over that vase. (Vintage?)

  8. Iris Weaver says:

    You just made my evening with those gorgeous pictures!

    Yes, have a snail trailing up the side of the vase. I have had them in my house (from when I harvested my herbs) and they have even managed to creep out of my compost bucket.

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