clippings 9/30/13

While on the subject of concrete, precast manhole covers, stacked. I prefer to have a day’s worth of concrete projects if I’m going to drag all that mess out. precast concrete manholes, stacked photo 101350652jpgrenditionlargest.jpg

Found at BHG here, but the link loads slow.

I was continually disturbing the dormancy of the little patch of nerines in the gravel garden by digging in what I forgetfully thought was available garden space, so I moved them into pots again. And not long after they’ve rewarded me for all that rough handling with a bloom. These South African bulbs are fast multipliers.

 photo P1019691.jpg

Mine were gifts from Matt, who blogs at Growing With Plants. He keeps a wonderful greenhouse full of fall- and winter-blooming bulbs.

 photo chipotle-scarecrow-580.jpeg

And in the offchance your inbox hasn’t been inundated with friends sending you emails of the Fiona Apple/Chipotle/Willy Wonka Pure Imagination mashup, here’s the link to the video. And some words from The New Yorker on why this pretty little video on eating fresh is raising hackles.

On the subject of inboxes, Gmail users, what are we making of the new segregation system of sorting our mail that Gmail imposed this summer? Personally, I never click on the other categories, “social” or “promotions,” but read only mail labeled “primary.” Retailers suspect as much and aren’t happy about it: “Retailers Fight Exile From Gmail In-Boxes.” — The New York Times, September 15, 2013.
I’m still mad about losing Google Reader and have yet to find an effective replacement for keeping track of online reading.

 photo P1019678.jpg

Knots. I see knots everywhere. Knotwork for enormous pots at Orange County’s The Lab

 photo thumb.png

And a photo from their website of the pots without their finery

 photo ad-sardinia-3.jpg

unsourced image from Pinterest

Did you ever wonder what holds the center of those heavy sailor doorstops? We have. Marty is a whiz at knotwork, but finding a large, heavy orb has been a problem. Bowling balls are too large. Currently we’re experimenting with bocce balls.

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5 Responses to clippings 9/30/13

  1. Heather says:

    I’m similarly struggling to replace Google Reader. I have tried every single replacement and found them lacking. And your feed kept getting dropped, along with a few other favorites. I pinned that same image of the manhole covers-as-planters but have yet to find a supplier or a way to make them work in my yard.

  2. Les says:

    It took getting accustomed to, but I have found Feedly to be a passable substitute for Google Reader.

  3. Like Heather I’ve pinned an image of those concrete cylindrical covers too. Someone needs to make them, cheap, and in different sizes. I’d tackle it but I oh so hate working with concrete.

    Oh those sad cow eyes! I loved the Fiona Apple version of the song (first time I’ve heard it) and might just have to break down and buy it.

    Regarding Google Reader substitutes I’ve tried a few and found them all lacking. Net Vibes is working for me now but not without some frustrations.

  4. Denise says:

    Heather, all sorts of projects seem possible when the weather cools in fall, even stackable rings made of concrete. Bloglovin’ is the best substitute for Reader so far.
    Les, I need to check into Feedly, thanks.
    Loree, doesn’t Fiona do an amazing job with that song? I didn’t think anyone could top Gene Wilder. Making a note of Net Vibes, thanks.

  5. kathy says:

    Thanks Denise for a really thought provoking post. The video followed by the New Yorker article were very fine viewing and reading.

    Regarding knots, one can hope that we are not seeing a revival of macrame’…

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