holiday lull

How are we all doing? Holding up okay? The first holiday is already a wrap, and we’re suspended smack in the middle of the countdown to the next, so resumption of routine is still a week away. (And happy holidays, if I didn’t say so already.) If you’re in Los Angeles, may I suggest a trip to the Getty during this holiday lull? Traffic is fairly light, and the weather has been almost unbearably warm, so bring strong sunglasses to curb the blinding glare from all that travertine. And water. It will cost you $3 a bottle at the Getty. And a large bag to stow the water bottle as you enter the galleries since there’s plentiful museum staff to point out your egregious behavior. And make sure you have a fully charged camera battery. Oh, and you must stay for the sunset. And whatever you do, don’t forget to…well, that’s enough of me doing my best troop leader impersonation. I will, though, just lastly point out that the Aloe bainesii are starting to bloom among the budding Euphorbia ingens, and it is quite the sight around 4 o’clock. And after checking out the Central Garden in winter, with the huge sycamores along the rill scrubbed of all their leaves, inside the Getty there’s several wonderful photography exhibits, including the absorbing camera obscura work of Abelardo Morell. As usual, I was drawn to the work depicting landscapes.

 photo CO-Central-Park-Spring_2010_slide.jpg

Camera Obscura: View of Central Park Looking North-Spring, 2010

 photo CO-Central-Park-Summer.jpg

Camera Obscura: View of Central Park Looking North-Summer, 2008

 photo CO-Central-Park-Fall_08-800x624.jpg

Camera Obscura: View of Central Park Looking North-Fall, 2008

 photo CO-Central-Park-Winter.jpg

Camera Obscura: View Of Central Park Looking North-Winter, 2013

 photo co-garden-with-olive-tree_09_slide.jpg

Camera Obscura: Garden With Olive Tree Inside Room With Plants, Outside Florence, Italy, 2009

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2 Responses to holiday lull

  1. kathy says:

    We had a discreet but enjoyable Christmas here Denise, and I am recovering nicely.I am unexpectedly fond of the couple days off, couple days on aspect of the mid-week holiday —swoop into the office for a couple days and catch’s like having 4 weekends in a two week period.

    How nice it would be to visit the Getty when the miserable air quality takes it’s winter vacation. I have to say, I enjoy Mr Morells CO techniques, but this installation seems really busy to me-almost distractingly so. Maybe this was intentional-mind you this is coming from someone who is in a family that goes to the movies and spends an hour or two after it’s over ripping it to shreds. Unless it’s good of course.

  2. Denise says:

    Kathy, the CO work was the strongest. There is a long-standing tradition of shred-ripping here too, which may be why movies and museums are so welcome after the holidays as targets, after so much self-restraint 😉 Glad yours was enjoyable too.

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