Up On A Pedestal

Which is where I place plants, figuratively and literally, as in this plinth of glass blocks for a frosty astelia.


If something is laying around here long enough, it will eventually be recruited to combine with plants in some form or another. Kind of an adult form of playing with building blocks.
And if one morning you wake up with the overwhelming lament pounding in your brain, “What was I thinking?” it all can be knocked down and piled back into the dusty corners from whence it came.


Summer being the perfect time to “spike” the garden.

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3 Responses to Up On A Pedestal

  1. I like it! Goes perfectly with the plant’s foliage. Plus, it was 96 here in Houston today and your glass blocks are looking more and more like blocks of ice to this parched Texan. Where did you buy (find) them?
    David (Tropical Texana) Your garden needs to be in PH…really!

  2. Denise says:

    Hi David — not sure where these came from but bldg supply stores have all sorts of interesting things. Hope those Houston temps ease up a bit for you.

  3. thanks, I love the part with the glass ;).. wow

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