echeverias runneth over

I work at this building a lot, where there are enormous pots planted with a central Sticks on Fire surrounded by echeverias.
Lusty, thriving, insanely multiplying echeverias. They look to be Echeveria secunda.
I swear, I get the worst case of itchy fingers when I see these echeverias brimming and spilling over the rim of the pot.
Somebody needs to thin these, and leave the cuttings in a basket at the base of the pot with a sign saying “Take me.”
Because I would be more than happy to help lighten the echeveria load here.

 photo P1012205.jpg

 photo P1012189.jpg

 photo P1012191.jpg

 photo P1012190.jpg

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7 Responses to echeverias runneth over

  1. ks says:

    Echeveria secunda is a winner here..many E.’s are unimpressed with our winter lows and have to be moved indoors , under cover or int the garage. This is one I am able to plant in the ground . It lives next door to Ajuga ‘Chocolate Chip’ . You need a couple pieces ? I can throw ’em in box and send them down..

  2. I’m trying this one in the ground here this winter too, hoping for success. Oh and I know those itchy finger pains of which you speak.

  3. Denise says:

    @Kathy, I’ve read imbricata is even more cold hardy. Have you tried that one? Thanks for the nice offer, but you need to keep yours to grow a carpet with the ajuga — sounds beautiful.
    @Loree, I saw on your blog that it made it through that recent hellish cold snap. Fingers crossed!

  4. Hoov says:

    Doesn’t it make you happy to see a happy healthy plant? Makes me smile every time.

  5. David Feix says:

    Echeverias such as agavoides, elegans, imbricata, secundaand derenbergii have been the most prolific landscape Echeverias for me here in the Bay Area, and because they do multiply so quickly and aren’t particularly fussy in the ground, are the ones I end up using over and over. Mostly because I can divide existing plantings to generate enough for mass plantings in new projects. I wish I could discover additional similar fast growers to add to the list!

  6. Denise says:

    @Hoov, that’s so true, and the reverse is true as well — sad plants just cast a gloom.
    @David, I love the mass plantings you do with imbricata, just amazing geometry with that one.

  7. Pam/Digging says:

    Nice combo — the echeveria is the star, despite its tiny size.

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