Aeonium ‘Copper Penny’ for containers and garden

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This clump-forming, bronzy aeonium spent last summer as underplanting for a potted manihot with Sedum confusum.
The dry-tolerant manihots make a nice light canopy, which helps to prevent sun scalding on succulents, whether potted or in the ground.
The list of trees for providing light shade in summer for succulents, minus the messy debris and leaf litter, is a short one.
(In fact, yesterday I removed one of the worst offenders for chronic leaf drop onto spiky plants in my garden, Euphorbia lambii.)
The manihot’s leaves are shed occasionally throughout summer, dropped entirely, not in leaflets, and are easy to remove.
Deciduous, all leaves are shed late in the season, sometimes not until December here.
Though reputed to be prolific, the manihot is not much of a reseeder here, but I did find a couple seedlings this year which I greedily seized and potted up.
Thankfully, here on the coast, full sun is not as much of a challenge for succulents as it would be further inland.

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Back to the subject of this post, because I don’t find this succulent mentioned often.
Aeonium ‘Copper Penny’ was so good in a container that I had to see what it could do in the garden.
Slugs nipped the leaf edges in late winter/early spring, but it’s grown out of that chewed-on phase now and is a solid clump of smooth, burnished copper.

 photo 1-P1017638.jpg

Relatively solid. It was splaying apart slightly in the middle, so a broken piece of pottery was inserted to prop up a branch off a neighboring agave.
Its shrubby habit reminds me of a jade plant. Deepest color is brought out by full sun.
Aeoniums are also great leaf shedders in summer, which is when they stop active growth.
In contrast to many of the other aeoniums in my garden, ‘Copper Penny’ sheds very little and keeps a much neater appearance.

 photo 1-P1017639.jpg

Close inspection reveals curious red flecks to the leaves. A great little succulent to keep an eye out for at the nurseries.

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6 Responses to Aeonium ‘Copper Penny’ for containers and garden

  1. Kris P says:

    ‘Copper Penny’s’ green centers are a nice contrast with the warmer color of the outer leaves. How tall does the clump get?

  2. Alan @ It's Not Work, It's Gardening! says:

    Beautiful! I love photo #2, and broken pot fragment as plant support is brilliant!

  3. Denise says:

    @Kris, I think it would really green up in less than full sun. This clump is about a foot high by one and a half or two feet across.
    @Alan, I was glad the support worked because that Agave schidigera was feeling the squeeze. I may have to eventually trim the aeonium back as the agave grows or just move one of the two.

  4. dustin says:

    need! want!

    I have a Hinkley treasure for you….

  5. dustin says:

    also I need a a name and/or Cutting of that Cotyledon!

  6. Denise says:

    Dustin, you can pillage my garden any time!

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