5 thoughts on “51st Annual CSSA Show & Sale at the Huntington July 1-3, 2016

  1. If I would like to buy some plants as well as see the show, do you recommend Friday (so as not to miss the best plants to purchase) or Saturday (if the show plants won’t be out on Friday)? Thanks!!

  2. @Sarah, Friday, July 1, is technically an “early bird” sale, with the official show July 2 & 3. There does not seem to be any restrictions on who can attend the Friday sale, and you know what they say about what the early bird catches. If it means taking a day off work to go Friday, I’d call the Huntington just to verify Friday is open to everyone. There’s a slight chance it’s members only, but I really doubt it. Here’s the link to Huntington’s early bird sale: http://huntington.org/WebAssets/Templates/calendardetail.aspx?id=19795
    @Peter & Alan, wish I could see you both there!

  3. We’ll be there! What a miracle that it has cooled down just in time for the show. I guess that means the Inter-City will be 110F.

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