Wednesday vignette 10/26/16

Some images from my visit to the Los Angeles County Arboretum last weekend.
I love that the botanical garden is big enough that they send jeeps out near closing to offer guests a ride back.

 photo 1-_MG_4643.jpg

“Lucky” Baldwin’s Cottage emerges as if from an old home movie reel, nestled deep in the Arboretum.

 photo 1-_MG_4624.jpg

 photo 1-_MG_4622.jpg

I visited the geese and ducks for quite a while at Baldwin Lake (now at a perilously shallow 24 inches).

 photo 1-_MG_4645.jpg

And named this palm Narcissus.

 photo 1-_MG_4633.jpg

 photo 1-_MG_4694.jpg

 photo 1-_MG_4632.jpg

 photo 1-_MG_4610.jpg

Every Wednesday I look forward to the musings of Anna at Flutter & Hum, our host for Wednesday Vignette.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday vignette 10/26/16

  1. What a wonderfully ornate”cottage”. Lucky, indeed! It reminds me of a wonderful place on the west coast of Sweden where I briefly worked. At the time, it provided a welcome adult, sanity-restoring break from motherhood. You can check out the similarity here:

    Like Kris, I love that you named the palm. It’s so perfect, as it admires itself in the mirrored surface of the water. Hopefully though, your name won’t become a prediction. I would hate for the palm to die prematurely…

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