Dragging Gen X & Y Into the Garden

Interview on Nest in Style with Duane Kelly, recent buyer of the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, wherein he gives a detailed answer providing possible theories as to why Gen X & Y don’t seem so hot to take on gardening, like their predecessors the boomers (these demographic epithets are so demoralizing to use, but nonetheless effective shorthand.)

Mr. Kelly feels that the horticulture industry hasn’t paid enough attention to marketing to X & Y.

Respectfully, I have a one-word answer: Houses.


Photo courtesy of Fullerton Heritage.

Boomers bought houses in record-setting numbers, facilitated by GI loans after WWII, and generally stayed put in them for decades.

Houses have space surrounding them that can be gardened.

Gen X coming of age during the Reagan and first Bush presidencies certainly saw some scorching real estate action, but how much was staying put and how much flipping houses for profit? Gen Y, aka the Millennial kids, I’d wager aren’t doing too well in the housing market.

No research, just a gut feeling. But what do I know?

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