for the hard-core greenhouse fans

 photo IMG_2469.jpg

You asked for it. More greenhouse photos from my visit to Rancho Soledad Nursery in May. I’m out of town for the moment and will be right back.

 photo IMG_2457.jpg
 photo IMG_2455.jpg
 photo IMG_2447.jpg
 photo IMG_2445.jpg
 photo IMG_2429.jpg
 photo IMG_2428.jpg
 photo IMG_2417.jpg
 photo IMG_2572.jpg
 photo IMG_2537.jpg
 photo IMG_2534.jpg
 photo IMG_2402.jpg
 photo IMG_2399.jpg
 photo IMG_2367.jpg
 photo IMG_2357.jpg
 photo IMG_2330.jpg
 photo IMG_2316.jpg
 photo IMG_2317.jpg
 photo IMG_2315.jpg
 photo IMG_2314.jpg
 photo IMG_2313_1.jpg
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  1. Elaine says:

    What a cool place. Could be very dangerous to have a facility like this close by.

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