Weedy, Weedier, Weediest Mullein

A white seedling of Verbascum phoeniceum is enthusiastically blooming away after the October surprise of early rains.


It held on to its basal leaves in the sere gravel garden all summer in hope of some form of irrigation. Tough little mullein.
I’m never very excited to find self-sown seedlings of this particular verbascum of the dark green, nothing-special leaf.
But seeing it bloom now in late October makes me very glad to have left it in place. Tough, pretty little mullein.

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3 Responses to Weedy, Weedier, Weediest Mullein

  1. M. says:

    what a killer image! it’s pouring here in SF but the gods are clearly smiling on los angeles —

  2. Kathy says:

    Denise I fear that the rains here (5 inches is the word) will produce only seedlings of damned poa annua. Ground is cold and muddy. All is a-droop !

    Cornelius boards the pony express tomorrow..

  3. Grace says:

    Nice plant. I like all Verbascums but I have just the opposite issue. Too much rain. Thankfully it’s a fairly giving plant as your post so aptly illustrates.

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