monday’s plants 3/23/20

Leaving the bizarro world aside for the moment, and desperately clinging to the bright side, at least this unusual March has been a good month for rain in Los Angeles. We’re just about an inch below average, which is great for the spring garden tours (if they hadn’t been cancelled…)

 photo P1011196.jpg
Cotyledon orbiculata var. flanaganii

In the front garden, this brawny, chunky succulent has taken over a big swath of ground. For now I like having more of the same plant as opposed to an intricate tapestry, but that could change. When it’s in bloom, like now, I especially appreciate the multiple statuesque stems with mop-topped apricot bells.

 photo P1011183.jpg
 photo P1011244.jpg
 photo P1011195.jpg
 photo 1-P1016925.jpg
Cotyledon orbicuata, Pig’s Ear, with rounded leaves for comparison, a great plant in its own right.

 photo P1011201.jpg
Also in the front garden, Agave oteroi ‘Lanky Wanky.’ I buried the long, lanky stem, kind of defeating the purpose, but I didn’t care for the snaky growth habit. Weird little thing. Love the blonde teeth that whiten as they age.
 photo P1011212.jpg
the blue barrel Ferocactus glaucescens looks like a different cactus after a rainwash
 photo P1011162.jpg
This might be my favorite phase of the purple-leaved acacia, when the yellow pompom blooms turn into twisting purple pods.
 photo P1011234.jpg
Pelargonium ‘Queen of Hearts’
 photo P1011204.jpg
I lost the label, so this is one of my ongoing plant ID projects.
Similar to Senecio stapeliiformis except for the flowers and thorns. Also similar to Euphorbia aeruginosa except for lacking typical lime green flowers
Edited to add ID by Jeremy: Euphorbia greenwayi
 photo P1011228.jpg
Albuca….wait, wait, I know this one!
Albuca corkscrewalis?
No, silly! Albuca spiralis — nice when the name describes the plant.
 photo P1011216.jpg
Anigozanthos ‘Red Velvet,’ a small-in-stature kangaroo paw planted last spring.

For more plant portraits, a lot of the arboreta and public gardens include What’s in Bloom on their websites — for example, here’s Descanso Gardens.

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3 Responses to monday’s plants 3/23/20

  1. Elaine says:

    Thanks for the floral show. Nice to know Spring has arrived somewhere (it’s snowing here again). Love Albuca ‘corksrewallis’. Have a big one in a pot but it’s lost it’s corscrewy leaf form. More like ‘bad-hairallis.’

  2. Jeremy says:

    Mystery ID guess: euphorbia greenwayi.

  3. Denise says:

    @Elaine, I’m guessing the wildflower bloom this spring in CA has gotten a boost from March rains — possibly only visible to drones!
    @Jeremy, thank you thank you!

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