absolute flower shop in Shanghai

It looks like California’s stay-at-home orders might soon be eased a bit, not that I’ll be venturing too far afield just yet. So just when I really need to step into the exotic, the unfamiliar for half a minute, a fascinating approach to florals by the Absolute Flower shop appeared on design blogs like World Architecture and designboom this week, which is where I grabbed these photos. Simultaneously denatured and hypernatured, I couldn’t stop looking at the very sophisticated selection of leaves and flowers, the use of staghorn ferns, bromeliads, driftwood — even branches of ricinus! There’s a very knowing plants person at work at play here. Located in the former French Concession neighborhood of Shanghai. I predict that lots of future travel plans are going to be based on a backlash to the overly familiar, and I won’t be the only one craving to wander in neighborhoods very different from my own…


The owner of the shop is Ms. Jing, who opened it in 2012 — I wish there was more background information available on her!

design boom: “MDO has designed a stylish flower shop in Shanghai that feels more like an art gallery than a retail space.”

ricinus, front row on the right!
World Architecture: “These works explore the boundaries between the natural and the artificial, often presenting the flowers in surreal yet magical displays.”
the sleek “secret garden” in the back of the shop throws down clean lines amid the pressing angles of the city
image via urdesign
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6 Responses to absolute flower shop in Shanghai

  1. Elaine says:

    I really enjoy seeing what talented florists do with different plant material. Not just your average cutflowers in a jar.
    The picture of her standing in front of the window with the potted plants below is evocative.

  2. hb says:

    Bits of green beauty in a supercity. Lovely!

    But was there an Agave? 😉

  3. Kris P says:

    Despite my own tendency to cram a lot into every vase, I do appreciate the spare simplicity of most of what’s shown in the gallery area. It’s a good reminder that more is often not better. My favorite might be the staghorn ferns arranged upside down, though.

  4. hb beat me to it!

    Good find Denise!

  5. Mark and Gaz says:

    Great looking space, in and out!

  6. Joanie says:

    I have to say I love your book – I ordered it from our local bookstore in Ukiah, CA 2 weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to add more xeric plants to my front yard and I’m now making more plant lists thanks to you!

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