Fearless Gardening book giveaway winner!

Fearless Gardening - Cover

Well, well, well, it’s February 1st, an auspicious day on AGO because it means the door has closed on the Fearless Gardening book giveaway. The names of those who left comments on the blog and Instagram were written on paper, cut out into squares, folded over, and placed in a tall, lidded, glass receptacle. I left the jar on Marty’s desk and asked him to pick one before racing off this morning. He happily complied, and the winner (from Instagram) is…

Cricket Riley!


Congratulations, Cricket! You have so much enjoyable reading ahead of you this February. Timber Press has been notified and will be sending the books to you at the address you provided.

I think February is off to a fabulous start, don’t you?

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  1. Congrats to Cricket! Hope you enjoy, and thank you Denise for helping to get the word out about Fearless Gardening. Here’s to another growing season ahead!

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