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Geranium maderense ‘Alba’

I wasn’t sure I’d get blooms this year. Oh, there were plenty of self-sown seedlings from the one plant I brought home after it flowered, but with biennials, those plants that bloom in their second year, I always lose track … Continue reading

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Lunaria annua

I’ve finally discovered the identity of the little clutch of seedlings under the smoke tree. Lunaria annua, which I saw lining the pathways of *Western Hills, the former plant nursery in Occidental, California. Western Hills photo by MB Maher. I’ve … Continue reading

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Occasional Daily Weather Report 10/9/11

After last week’s day of rain, the sidewalk’s warming up again. High 70’s and low 80’s for the next few days. (A favorite spot to warm up and also cuff the corgi’s tail-less bottom as he passes through the feline … Continue reading

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Summer Containers Aren’t Just For Annuals

I would’ve never been able to get this angelica to bloom in the garden. Trust me, I’ve tried. Rich soil, consistent moisture, strategic sun exposure, these crucial conditions could only be offered in a container. Angelica stricta ‘Purpurea’ was planted … Continue reading

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The paths of the garden at Western Hills, which I visited a couple weeks back, were crowded with the mauve blossoms of self-seeding honesty, the biennial Lunaria annua. Because it was ubiquitous, I took no photos but of course now … Continue reading

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