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Lunaria annua

I’ve finally discovered the identity of the little clutch of seedlings under the smoke tree. Lunaria annua, which I saw lining the pathways of *Western Hills, the former plant nursery in Occidental, California. Western Hills photo by MB Maher. I’ve … Continue reading

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Wispy Spring Annuals

Along with the linaria I mentioned recently, some of the other wispy spring annuals I’ve been experimenting with in pots are this Anagallis. A. monelii, the Blue Pimpernel. And a little nemesia with long spurs, N. cheiranthus ‘Shooting Stars.’ The … Continue reading

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The paths of the garden at Western Hills, which I visited a couple weeks back, were crowded with the mauve blossoms of self-seeding honesty, the biennial Lunaria annua. Because it was ubiquitous, I took no photos but of course now … Continue reading

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