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succulents around town

I’ve been accumulating photos of the ever-present succulent arrangements I see all over town. All over town might be an exaggeration. It’s just possible that I tend to gravitate to places where there will be succulents. But there’s no denying … Continue reading

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Rolling Greens Culver City (tillandsia porn)

A fresh shipment of tillandsias had just arrived when I visited Rolling Greens yesterday for their 75 percent-off sale, which ends today. Almost all of these little bromeliads were in bloom or about to bloom. Lordy. Like agaves, most tillandsias … Continue reading

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quick trip to Rolling Greens

Work cancelled at the last minute today, the message on the phone said, so there I was in a Culver City business center parking garage with nothing to do. Driving around Culver City, I mulled the situation over and considered … Continue reading

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