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Potted’s wind chime revival

Relax, I’m not going to talk about the astonishing heat wave we’re having but something light and buoyant.

First, remember Ned Racine’s initial, fateful meeting with two-steps-ahead Matty in the movie Body Heat?

You can stand here with me if you want, but you’ll have to agree not to talk about the heat.

(So she throws his words back at him at their second meeting, at the same time inveigling Ned into her home while the husband is away on business.)

You’re the one that doesn’t want to talk about the heat. Too bad. I’d tell you about my chimes.

What about them?

The wind chimes on my porch. They
keep ringing and I go out there
expecting a cool breeze. That’s
what they’ve always meant. But not
this summer. This summer it’s just
hot air.

(Amen, Matty.)

 photo hippie_mobile.jpg photo spiralmobil_1st.jpg

So I’m not going to talk about the heat at all, but wind chimes. Wind chimes are what I’m interested in today, this very hot minute. I think wind chimes are due for a revival. They’ve been relegated to the whimsy ghetto for far too long. Procrastinating on Etsy, hoping to find something inspired by Alexander Calder maybe, I found lots of chimes made of bike gears, keys, and kitchen utensils, some of which were surprisingly appealing. But the two examples above from Potted are some of the nicest I’ve found so far, although the one on the right is technically not a wind chime but a spiral mobile.

Keeping it light and buoyant this week.