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good riddance to July, you hot and sultry thing

And hello August! (what fresh hell do you have in store?) Unlike me, pedilanthus loves it when the heat and humidity are matchy-matchy numbers. I’ve been so worried that Yucca linearifolia would reject this container, which has already killed a … Continue reading

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Potted’s Eternal Gratitude Sale – last weekend

There it is, behind that gauzy curtain of Acacia iteaphylla. Potted’s City Planter, pretty much untouched since first planted. I really should trim back those lanky succulents, but overall I’m amazed at how unblemished and pristine the City Planter remains … Continue reading

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The Point Pot

If you’re an Instagram fan of garden designer/ceramicist Dustin Gimbel and/or Potted, LA’s premiere source for stylish plant containers and garden furniture, you’ll know that they’ve been collaborating for some time on the first mass-produced offering of one of Dustin’s … Continue reading

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Friday clippings 8/22/14

At first sight I became enthralled by artist James Griffith’s exquisite, painterly ripostes to the “drill, baby, drill” set — my words, not his. James is much more polite. By way of a secret alchemy, he utilizes that precious resource … Continue reading

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It happened one night; August rain

I bought my first water plant Saturday, and it rained all that night. Not a downpour, but a steady drizzle. I’m not saying there’s any causal link between the two, just that they’re both rare events that happened to coincide … Continue reading

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Portland Pots It Up

There’s so many reasons for plants to spend some or even all of their lives in containers. Aside from the practical reasons — fine-tuning sunlight, better drainage, more moisture, less moisture, special soil mixes, protection from chewing and digging creatures, … Continue reading

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Potted’s wind chime revival

Relax, I’m not going to talk about the astonishing heat wave we’re having but something light and buoyant. First, remember Ned Racine’s initial, fateful meeting with two-steps-ahead Matty in the movie Body Heat? NED You can stand here with me … Continue reading

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Meet The Midge

I don’t know about you, but my thoughts in spring typically turn to…tables. Chairs, too, always chairs, but that’s another post. But I have enough big tables. I just had this discussion with Marty at the flea market last Sunday … Continue reading

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cross-pollination 9/29/12

Annette and Gustavo Gutierrez hosted another “Cross-Pollination” on Saturday. These get-togethers were initiated by garden designer Dustin Gimbel, who’s already hosted a couple dinners, and are a hybrid between a revolving conversation society and garden party. There was just enough … Continue reading

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small space big style: Potted shows how it’s done

You’ve gotta get over to Potted’s blog to see their before-and-after photos documenting Potted’s contribution to the California Home+Design showhouse at The Hollywood Lofts. Follow Potted’s step-by-step photos to find how they arrived at this: And this: (Note the debut … Continue reading

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