Stolen Garden Kisses

The one-foot tall agave and the giant Polygonum orientale, Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate, would seem fated never to meet, to exist in separate physical planes, forever divided by height and differing moisture needs.

But meet they do, and even kiss, when the agave is grown in a mossed basket hung from a […]

More Talk About Buildings and Plants

I left work in Santa Monica yesterday afternoon and fought the traffic east down Wilshire to check out the new Rolling Greens store on Beverly.

Stopped at a light, I was very surprised to see these hard-core, drought tolerant containers and stone hardscaping outside the offices of the Beverly Hills Greater Los Angeles Association of […]

Urge to Travel

Three very good posts recently on reclamation and repurposing of industrial sites, as well as public spaces, even if only temporarily, as in the case of the forest made of the Champs-Elysees. From the Huffington Post 8/24/10, which includes mention of NYC’s High Line, which A Tidewater Gardener also visited recently, producing that stunning blog […]

Euphorbia Love

Euphorbia, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Perennial, shrub and tree.

You give a frost-free garden dappled shade and ruby tints high overhead. Euphorbia cotinifolia, about 15 feet, max. I’ve been entertained by the sound of your ballistically exploding seeds as the temperature reached into the 90’s.

As fresh in […]

Fried Cannoli & The Banyan Tree

My aunts and cousins called my mom, who called me. Our bakery was back in business after what turned out to be just a brief hiatus of a couple years. The owner decided early retirement was not the answer, reopened his bakery at a new location, and started cranking out his Italian family recipes again. […]

Dragon Fruit

The first bloom this year of the dragon fruit, that is, the first bloom that I can see, dangling over a boundary fence we share with a neighbor.

Looking a bit more carefully, I could see more flowers and even a fruit was already forming.

An epiphytic cactus, my neighbor grows it […]

Bivouaced With…Martha Stewart

Not knowing this was going to turn into a series, or I might have chosen my words a bit more carefully, the “Bivouaced With” posts started when I first dragged published gardening material into my new lair, an off-world bivouac 6 feet above the ground, and gnawed on the publication a bit longer than usual. […]

Folly Bowl

Another garden preview for the upcoming Gardening Under Mediterranean Skies symposium to be held this September 23rd to the 26th through Pacific Horticulture.

Photographer MB Maher and designer Dustin Gimbel of Second Nature Garden Design visited artists Sue Dadd and James Griffith at their home and garden which will be on the upcoming tour. […]

How The West Is Won: Garden Visit – Hessing/Bonfigli Garden

I was invited to tag along with MB Maher on one of his garden photo assignments, this time to get some preview photos of the garden of artists Andreas Hessing and Karen Bonfigli, which is one of many to be featured in the upcoming Pacific Horticulture symposium to be held this September 23rd through the […]

Foliage Followup August 2010

Jumping right in to some of the leaves I’ve been enjoying this summer. I’ve posted photos of this astelia before, but I’ve recently noticed that the astelia and blue vine salvia have a lot to say to each other, and their light requirements are similar too. I’ll probably not plant them together, as their vigor […]