our far-flung fling

We move too quickly to keep up. There is much to say about the team at Organic Mechanics, photos to share of a vast and wine-fueled dinner at the Conservatory of Flowers, stories to tell of the city itself as the county clerk swings wide the doors at the marriage office, but for the […]

gardens hate traveling

I love to travel, but my garden hates it. But, theoretically, it really shouldn’t be that difficult, leaving the garden for a few days in late June.

Most of the pots are filled with succulents this summer. Nothing too tricky.

Except for maybe the Musschia wollastonii, which is always poised to collapse. Whether […]

Bloom Day June 2013

For a girl who couldn’t get an eryngium to bloom before, this is shaping up to be an exciting summer.

Eryngium pandanifolium is supposedly the biggest eryngo of them all. I’ve been intently watching it develop this wicked candelabra of a bloom truss. Each morning the bloom stalk twisted in […]

Upcoming CSSA show at the Huntington

I won’t be able to attend the Cactus and Succulent Society of America show to be held at the Huntington Botanical Gardens June 28-30, 2013. But you should definitely go, for reasons photographed below. You will very likely find many of the same vendors I pestered with questions and be able to ogle the same […]

cage light vase

If you happen to have a marine cage light in the garage, and some lengths of chain in your garden shed, all of which came to light after a thorough cleaning and organizing marathon today, you can take a short break from all that tedium to make this. Marty wrapped some twine around the rim […]

support your local (fill in the blank)

May I humbly make a suggestion as to filling in the blank? Your local public radio station. One of my local public radio stations, KCRW, apart from keeping me sane during commutes to different cities all over the South Bay, with news and music programming like this and this (which is what eased me through […]

Lilium ‘African Queen’

For purplepixie, who wants to paint these lilies on the wall of a friend and asked for more angles back in April. I would love to watch as these colors get mixed on the palette.

Here you go, lots of angles. Maybe the wall needs a few tetrapanax leaves as well?


wednesday flower studies

a Greene & Greene rebirth and other tour notes

There was a small tour of five local historical homes on Sunday presented by Long Beach Heritage. The star of the tour from a rarity perspective was this Greene & Greene, one of only three here in Long Beach. Even on such a small tour, I only managed to see three of the five […]

scenes from the garden 6/3/13

Some of the cast of characters this summer. First spikes of Teucrium hircanicum. Shaggy grass is newly identified Chloris virgata (thank you, Maggie!)

The peachy ‘Terracotta’ yarrow lining the path are beginning bloom too. The white umbels belong to Cenolophium denudatum. I’ve already noticed a self-sown seedling. Sown just last fall […]