Succulent Experiments: A Tutorial

What a surprise that Apartment Therapy liked the hanging planters for succulents I blogged about recently. The ones made from…um…car jack stands. Which we just happen to have in abundance here at home because there’s a couple 1970’s Volkswagen vans in the driveway that require frequent maintenance up on the jack stands. All work supervised by the VW engineer in chief.


Here’s one of the planters with Crassula expansa subsp. fragilis, with the photo from the original post.


Apartment Therapy said they “would love to see a tutorial.”
That’s all the encouragement MB Maher needed to create a little video on the improbable subject of turning car jack stands into succulent planters.

There’s very little useful instruction happening and really just a lot of silliness but, hey, it’s my first how-to. And, yes, I forgot there were eyeglasses on top of my head. A couple important points I neglected to mention: The excess window screen is eventually cut off, leaving maybe an inch to roll and fold down and tuck in about even with the top of the jack stand. And if you use smaller plants, they can be arranged around the central hanger. The method depicted in the video was chosen because I wanted to start with a bigger, fuller plant.

Car Jack Stand with Succulent, an Anti How-to from MB Maher on Vimeo.

Warm thanks to Apartment Therapy and MB Maher.

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16 Responses to Succulent Experiments: A Tutorial

  1. nikkipolani says:

    Fantastic, Denise! I love how this hanging planter showcases each succulent.

  2. Well that’s it. Now you’re going to be famous and probably not have time to blog anymore. Damn. At least we can say we knew you back in the olden days…

  3. linda says:

    I don’t even know what a car jack stand is , but I’m going to find one. Any chance you could do a tutorial on detaching pups from a Musella lasiocrapa? Just kidding…

  4. ks says:

    Oh hell, did you have to show that cool blue cart again?There’s no way a car jack can be successfully stuffed without a cool blue cart.

    Definitely my favorite documentary of the year.

  5. hb says:

    That is cool. Now i wonder what else I can line with window screen and stick plants into.

  6. Did I mention I was impressed?

  7. Les says:

    You are a natural behind that camera. Move over P. Allen.

  8. Denise says:

    nikkipolani, thank you! Three in a row does look better than a singleton.
    Loree, all I can say is I wonder when I lost all vanity. I don’t think I even combed my hair, for chrissakes.
    Linda, that musella is getting lots of press this summer! Check your neighborhood for the car mechanic types. They’ll point you in the right direction.
    Kathy, so true. Wasn’t the sight and sound of rolling that cart out the most dynamic moment? Have you stopped traveling for the moment?
    Hoov, oh, the possibilities. I’m intrigued by windowscreen too, maybe instead of those woolly pockets? More durability studies required.
    Dustin, so glad you liked the anti how-to.
    Les, I don’t see how these guys keep their composure. Must be why they’re paid the big bucks.

  9. Grace says:

    Great tut, Denise. I was trying to figure out how to freeze-frame that ultra-cool blue cart! Your finished projects, hanging in a row are really the cat’s meow. Which reminds me [sort of]. That photo of the VW Chief is sheer delight.

  10. laguna dirt says:

    you are a star! great idea! cool video! i expect to see you on hdtv any day!!

  11. David says:

    Hi Denise. I liked it so much I watched your video twice! Is that your cool fence in the background?
    So, now I’ve got to find some old car jacks and give this a try. What fun!
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston 🙂

  12. reuben says:

    Denise, this was friendly perfection! and now I’m officially on the hunt for these car jack-things….

  13. Pam/Digging says:

    Your video is completely entertaining (and I mean that in the best way) and informative. I love the way you did the title, the music, your hip look (the glasses on your head give you a definite je ne sais quoi), your contagious sense of humor, and of course the project itself. Great job!

  14. Denise says:

    Grace, I do love my little cart. And of course the VW Chief too.
    Janine, MB did an amazing job. I love the intro he came up with. I think I spent 15 minutes max on my part — shhhh, don’t tell!
    David, yes, that’s my battered and blue fence. Hope you’re managing to stay cool down in TX.
    Reuben, I was told yesterday trailer/RV stores would have the jacks. But then you never buy retail!
    Pam, thanks, there’s definitely a cinema verite vibe going on! I may have to pester MB for more videos.

  15. shantiquax says:

    Window screen! YES. Of course! Plus, thank you for providing an alternative to the occasional panic attack. I always know that no matter how shizzy it is at work, I can click on this link and fulfill many of my designer instincts vicariously.

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