how Alison got her stripes back

So very glad to find a moderate-sized phormium, a true 4-footer, I was willing to overlook the fact that many of this New Zealand Flax’s leaves age into a dull olive green, losing the pale bands that are the inspiration for the alternate name ‘Golden Alison.’ Locally, this phormium goes by ‘Alison Blackman.’

 photo P1017597.jpg

‘Blue Glow’ agaves, small Australian shrub Brachysema praemorsum, Furcraea macdougalii in the center, phormium off to the right, all tolerating the parched conditions in the front gravel garden.

 photo P1017646.jpg

The unseasonal heat wave in May blistered some leaves, so a thorough cleaning was undertaken shortly afterward. And that’s how Alison got her stripes back.

 photo P1017608.jpg

This phormium, bred by Barry Blackman, a nurseryman in New Zealand, was named in memory of his late daughter.

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3 Responses to how Alison got her stripes back

  1. Deanne says:

    What a great phormium! Love those stripes! Wish I could grow them in the ground here.

  2. linda says:

    My ‘Alison’ just made it through this winter in the PNW. She was living in a pot , which I brought in and out of the garage. She’s not the same full headed Alison of previous years , a bit tattered …but alive !

  3. I need to get an update on how my mass of Allison plants did outside Las Vegas…over a year old now! Can you believe it’s over a year from when we all were at the blogger’s fling in SF???

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