A Visual Compendium of Succulents

This chart has been making the rounds on Pinterest. I’m not too sure of it’s infallibility as a reference since Sedum morganianum, the Burrito/Donkey Tail is listed as Sedum burrito.

 photo 413lotus148.jpg

Sedum morganianum famously deployed as jellyfish at Lotusland.

A Visual Compendium of Succulents

But it is handy for charting the march of succulents through my garden.
Let’s see. Lost the Cotyledon orbiculata last week, brought home Senecio haworthii just a couple days ago…

chart found here.

6 thoughts on “A Visual Compendium of Succulents

  1. What is cool is that the jellyfish cone provides the shade Sedum morganianum needs right where it needs it, at the top of the plant. That’s very clever. Guess I’ll steal that idea, too. My garden is going to end up looking like your blog (if only).

  2. @M&G, it is kind of mesmerizing, isn’t it?
    @Hoov, my first instinct was to call the cone a “coolie hat,” but that’s not terribly PC. Yes, it is clever — Mme Walska was no slouch!

  3. I wonder if the chart has significance for the named provider? Sometimes these ‘info-graphics’ are made in India simply for promotion. They probably paid $50 for that chart with some kind of reference material as basis, it was delivered -and off it goes!

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