August 2010 Bloom Day

Bloom Days are hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens.
For next summer I’m already planning on lilies again, this time for pots. Just an example of the power of Bloom Day posts.

Another atypical overcast morning in Southern California for August. I dutifully grabbed my camera for Bloom Day but the light was abysmal for photos.
I know how much we all love inventory lists (kidding!), but it’s the best I can do with this marine-layered sky, so I’m sprinkling in some recent photos of plants in bloom today throughout the list.
For those names without photos, an AGO search will bring up many of these plants.

Tibouchina heteromalla
Catananche caerulea, almost finished blooming
Calceolaria ‘Kentish Hero,’ reblooming. Bloomed in spring in pots, cut back, and planted at the feet of tibouchina
Solanum pyracanthum
Solanum rantonnetii (possibly ‘Lynn’s Variegated’), blooming all summer


Centrantherum punctatum, self-sows, never stops blooming bluey-lilac, bachelor button-type flowers. Only in August does this plant seem valuable! Need to get a photo.
Salvia ‘Waverly’ has been in bloom since February/March. If it was a hotter August, it’d probably take a rest until fall.


Salvia cacaliifolia
Salvia ‘Purple Rain,’ rebloom
Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’ just starting to bloom
Salvia canariensis; a big plant moved in spring, cut to the base for the move, so I was surprised to see some blooms at all this summer.
A favorite salvia I haven’t grown for some years. Bracts similar to Salvia pachyphylla.


S. canariensis has beautiful, fuzzy, silvery leaves.


Cobaea scandens


Coreopsis ‘Full Moon’
Dahlia, just the one burgundy

Centranthus ruber, white valerian, bringing in the butterflies all summer.


Polygonum orientale ‘Kiss Me Over The Garden Gate’
Diascia ‘Ice Cracker’
Gaillardia ‘Oranges & Lemons’
Iochroma coccinea
Verbena bonariensis
Allium senescens


Mirabilis jalaba Miracles of Peru
Agastache ‘Black Adder’ or ‘Purple Haze.’ Very iffy plants to get through a zone 10 winter. Several plants of agastache failed to join the micro prairie I envisioned with echinacea and grasses for late summer, so I plopped in a couple perovskia last week, which would be cheating to include this Bloom Day. I doubt I’ll plant more agastache this fall. The Russian sage likes my soil and is fine for a tall blue haze.

Calandrinia spectabilis


Amaranthus cruentus x A. powellii ‘Hopi Red Dye’


Ultra-tough Ceratostigma plumbaginoides in the gravel garden


And can’t forget the little Santa Barbara daisy, Erigeron karvinskianus.


Here’s one of my hallelujah plants, Salvia ‘Christine Yeo.’ Seemed like a dream plant, a hybrid between S. microphylla and S. chamaedryoides, with the blooming power of the former and the evergreen shrubby substance of the latter. For two years it grew, sprawling 3 feet high and wide, never blooming. I hated to give up on this one, but I did and moved it to the west side of the house, a narrow strip along the driveway, basically a cemetery for all but the toughest plants. I found these blooms today, and I’m in love again. I”ll take cuttings and move it now to the gravel garden too. Guess it just hated to grow under my constant, overbearing surveillance.


Can’t wait to see what’s happening, or not, this very extreme August, so I’m off to check your blog links at May Dreams Gardens.. The weather this summer has been one for the record books, and it seems to be keeping everyone guessing. Record heat, floods, fire. Here’s to a less tumultuous September Bloom Day.

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6 Responses to August 2010 Bloom Day

  1. Les says:

    You have several things I am not familiar with. I love the Amaranthus and grass combo.

  2. Wow–great bloomers! If I could only have one dahlia, it would be a gorgeous burgundy like yours. And I love the shape of the silvery leaves on that salvia canariensis! (But, I have to be honest… I’ve met very few salvias I didn’t love. 🙂

  3. Megan says:

    I love your combination of plants (especially the succulents)! Beautiful pictures.

  4. With its tough as nails parents I’m surprised Salvia Christine Yeo has been so difficult. You’re obviously doing something right now. Like you I’m not convince agastache and zone 10 were made for each other. I think we’re coping and finding other things that like it just fine, like the Solanum pyracanthum, which I planted in the 90s and still is with me wherever it decides to reseed itself. Happy bloom day!

  5. Denise says:

    Les, I really like that deep red with the New Zealand wind grass too.
    Kim, so true, the salvias are very lovable!
    Megan, thanks!
    James, appreciate your comments about the agastache. The S. pyracanthum hasn’t reseeded for me so far. Wish it would!

  6. Kathy says:

    Splendid Denise ! And you’ve posted one too many photos of Cobaea scandens. I need one of my very own.

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