Senecio tropaeolifolius

Every once in a while I find a familiar plant grown with such sympathy for the plant’s innate qualities and needs that it feels like I’m really seeing it for the first time.

 photo 1-P1019902.jpg

Sunset Nursery, at Sunset Boulevard near Hillhurst, had this small pot of Senecio tropaeolifolius staged high on a large urn.
And this simple composition competed for attention with a very good selection of succulents of all stripes surrounding it and still managed to stand out.
If you find yourself at the eastern end of Sunset Boulevard, stop in and have a look around at this excellent neighborhood nursery.

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2 Responses to Senecio tropaeolifolius

  1. Kim says:

    That first sentence…. YES! You so eloquently put words to something I’ve felt occasionally. Love that.

  2. Denise says:

    Hi Kim — I’m always hoping I can figure out plants like that!

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