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Cussonia spicata and the value of plants

I have these weird unwritten rules when buying plants. For example, $30 is usually deemed way too much to spend on one plant. It’s not a conscious rule, it’s just after checking the price, unless it’s spectacularly, once-in-a-lifetime rare, I … Continue reading

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my favorite garden show

is the one taking place at any given moment in my own backyard. be it ever so humble and jumbled, chaotic, disheveled, contrary, exasperating, etc, etc. That the show blithely carries on while I’m away is always slightly infuriating. More … Continue reading

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Chionanthus retusus

The Chinese Fringe Tree. A deciduous tree beloved by both gardener and birds for clouds of bloom in spring. Followed by those indigo autumn berries. Now about 15 feet in height, at maturity reaching 20-25 feet. True story: The fringe … Continue reading

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Succulent Experiments

Crassula expansa subsp. fragilis was planted this past May in these car jack stands, using window screening to hold the soil in, first pictured here near the bottom of the post. Unlike my mossy experiments, this crassula is growing much … Continue reading

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Polygonum aubertii ‘Aureum’

The Silver Lace Vine. Or, as this one is called, the Golden Silver Lace Vine. The new growth in spring bears colors more often seen with Japanese maples. Shrimp-pink stems, lemony-tart leaves. Tangy. (Guess I’m still hung over from Sunday … Continue reading

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