friday flower studies

Is it Friday already?

Coreopsis tinctoria ‘Mahogany’

Large furry leaves of Plectranthus argentatus, spiky red orbs are Ricinus communis ‘New Zealand Purple, lacy gray leaves from Senecio viravira

Tiny, almost-black flowers on tall stems of Pelargonium sidoides

All together now, sing!

Let’s hope the most difficult decision to be made […]

sweet peas at the community garden

Seems all I bring home from my little 10 X 10 plot lately is sweet peas and fava beans. Not exactly a practical daily diet, but nourishing enough each in their own way. More on the mysteries of fava beans later. Record-keeping is not my strongest suit. That’s a paragraph on its own in the […]


I took this photo of ranunculus at the 2011 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show (which is coming up again this week, March 20-24.) Who knew ranuncs came tissue-petaled in cinnamon brown and pale peach? Last fall I tried like mad to find a selection of tubers with colors similar to these with no success […]

stealing the sun

and selfishly hoarding it all to myself

a single cut flower can convince me I’m guilty of doing just that

The long neck of this aloe bloom had been gradually listing, leaning, until it made a full, graceless face plant, of no more use to the garden or pollinators, but still a […]

still life with castor bean plant

The inspiration to include some seed pods from the castor bean plant in leftover Thanksgiving vases already filled with chamomile and hypericum came from this photo from thequintessentialmagazine. Nice touch with the alocasia leaf too.

Like a bloody echinops, the ricinus makes striking cutting material. I suppose it’s the awareness of the castor bean […]