Cross-Pollination July 2013

Garden designer Dustin Gimbel hosted another of those fabulous mid-summer rave-ups that he calls “Cross-Pollination” at his home and garden, where “hikers, nursery professionals, beekeepers, home brewers, crazy plant people, artists, architects and designers” gather for food and conversation, slipping away occasionally from the outdoor tables for periodic forays into the surrounding garden that nourishes […]

Bloom Day March 2013

If it weren’t for the few stems of Scilla peruviana in bloom I’d feel completely out of step this March Bloom Day, when so many participating gardens are sending forth crocus and iris and so many other traditional spring bulbs and blooms. We may have flowers every month of the year, as Carol’s Bloom Day […]

Bloom Day February 2012

February is a very exciting month. So much to take note of, I rarely make it through a hot cup of coffee on a February morning. The anigozanthos is growing in leaps, now almost chin-high. This is ‘Yellow Gem.’

Tulips started to bloom over the past couple days. But tulips don’t impress Evie; birds […]

Bloom Day December 2011

An unexpected afternoon cloudburst visited the garden this Bloom Day.

In five minutes it was over, leaving enough time to collect some photos before sunset. Self-sown Orlaya grandiflora, the Minoan Lace.

Rose ‘Bouquet d’Or still in a flush of blooms.

Nicotiana alata ‘Lime Green’ and Thunbergia alata, one of the lighter, […]

Cue the Ice Cream Man

The twilight opening of the door to the enchanted photographic realm of “magic hour” is announced by the canned tunes of the ice cream man plying his cold confections 365 days a year. If I’m home when that tinny music floats down our street, around 5:00 o’clock this time of year, I make a mad […]