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Foliage Follow-Up December 2010

When asked only for a show of leaves, my zone 10 garden in December can give a much less angst-ridden performance than, for example, yesterday’s post, which was drawing solely on flower output. Today I realized I forgot to include … Continue reading

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Fail Better (Summer Recap)

I admit it’s a little early for a summer recap, but there is a penultimate feel to the garden today. By this time, whatever plans I’ve laid have either happened or failed to happen. It’s time to admit this is … Continue reading

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Weather Report

A couple days of over 90-degree heat woke the tropicals up. Tibouchina heteromalla But we’re back to overcast skies and drizzle, lovely for late July. In the Tom Waits-inspired, emotional weather report category, we’ve been frantic about a baby mockingbird, … Continue reading

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Drought Buster

Tibouchina heteromalla holding on to a raindrop. Photo by MB Maher. I understand the impulse. We’ve been promised a solid day of rain, but so far it’s only been a fitful one. Possibly more tonight. Euphorbia cotinifolia, Caribbean Copper Plant, … Continue reading

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