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All About Evie

All of my cats have been garden cats, but none more so than Evie. The usual drill for my cats has been lounge all day in the garden, then come into the house at night. Not Evie. She insisted on … Continue reading

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Bloom Day January 2015

It wouldn’t do to start the new year off skipping the first Bloom Day, which is technically the 15th of every month, but our host Carol (May Dreams Gardens) doesn’t seem to mind slackers. Helleborus argutifolius, the last plant remaining, … Continue reading

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Bloom Day October 2014

Guest-hosted by Evie the Cat. Not another Bloom Day…and you’ve got nuthin’ Wait, I got it! Why don’t you show them your nerines?* Let’s see what else we’ve got… Evie, those aren’t blooms! I better take over. Bloom on the … Continue reading

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Euphorbia ammak’s big impact

Despite its small and underwhelming size, I finally decided to plant this euphorbia in the ground, hoping it grows faster here than in its pot. Surprisingly, everybody seems quite impressed, including Evie, who wrapped herself around it like a snake … Continue reading

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soon now

Some visual encouragement from my garden today and gardens I’ve visited in the past. Just in case spring still seems impossibly far away. private garden, Los Angeles private garden, Los Angeles private garden, Los Angeles private garden, Los Angeles private … Continue reading

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starting over with Kalanchoe ‘Pink Butterflies’

Its lifespan as fleeting and evanescent as a butterfly’s, the mother plant’s single stalk ultimately elongated to over 4 feet tall, bloomed, and dropped all but the topmost leaves. All in less than two years’ time. Seen here in better … Continue reading

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On the Evening of October 3, 2010

A single brugmansia bloom dangled while Evie groomed. The rest of the unopened buds were jettisoned in response to high temperatures. That same evening, the ‘Siam Ruby’ banana unfurled an enormous solar panel, daring the sun to do its worst. … Continue reading

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