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riad means garden

It’s February, so thoughts naturally turn to travel, escape, adventure. But I’m not going anywhere at the moment, so I look harder, stare longer, at local scenes, hoping to squeeze something new and startling out of familiar sights. But walking … Continue reading

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holiday lull

How are we all doing? Holding up okay? The first holiday is already a wrap, and we’re suspended smack in the middle of the countdown to the next, so resumption of routine is still a week away. (And happy holidays, … Continue reading

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Occasional Daily Photo 12/4/13

These gazanias were pulled up last spring to make room for the manfredas, but obviously some roots escaped my trowel. whoa. I’m rubbing my eyes after looking at just two flowers. Imagine fields of them in South Africa. I have … Continue reading

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on the subject of the southern hemisphere…

Remember the old surfing movie The Endless Summer, where summer is chased around the globe? Well, I do. My older brothers took me to all the surfing movies. You can see where I’m going with this…it’s summer in Australia, and … Continue reading

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Occasional Daily Photo 7/25/13

I’m tying this ODP in with Loree’s favorite plant of the week thread at Danger Garden. Agave attenuata ‘Ray of Light’ I’ve noticed a theme to favorite plants. They’re the ones that beat zonal odds or some foolish mishandling on … Continue reading

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Occasional Daily Photo 7/1/13

The garden continued its beguiling ways while I was away, offering up new studies in green and blue, umbellifer and thistle, as the samphire, Crithmum maritimum, sent up blooms through the eryngium that just gets bluer and bluer every day. … Continue reading

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Occasional Daily Photo 5/27/13

Driving through California Heights for a recent garden tour, just before sunset I happened upon this house, seemingly fixed in amber during the rancho period of old California. This little house sits (as does ours) on the 300,000-acre tract that … Continue reading

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pattern seekers

That’s one thing at least we all have in common. And a craving for pattern is thankfully one of the easiest (and possibly the healthiest) to satisfy. Unknown objects found at flea market. The seller thought they may have been … Continue reading

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Geranium maderense ‘Alba’

I wasn’t sure I’d get blooms this year. Oh, there were plenty of self-sown seedlings from the one plant I brought home after it flowered, but with biennials, those plants that bloom in their second year, I always lose track … Continue reading

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studies in pink

Lepismium cruciforme (its tiny white flowers just opening will stay with the theme when they turn into hot pink berries) Another epiphytic cactus, the rat tail cactus, Disocactus flagelliformis And poppies

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