Raw Salvage

I first heard about Big Daddy’s architectural salvage and antique business from Reuben’s blog Rancho Reubidoux and had been itching to check it out ever since, which I finally did about a month ago. The contrast between the natural world and the man-made, that tension partly explains why I think salvage can sometimes be so […]


Such a joy to watch Peter Falk in Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire. Here chatting with an angel at a Berlin food truck.

photo found here

So many good things.

Wings of Desire

Occasional Daily Photo 6/27/11

Dasylirion longissimum, about 6:45 a.m.

Got Sluggo?

My garden shed is organized with the same efficiency as my clothes closet (as in zero efficiency. Ask my husband. I ‘m a complete slob), but the Sluggo is always the most accessible item in the shed. I was at a nursery recently that impressed me with their ceramic bowls of Sluggo on the work […]

Occasional Daily Photo 6/24/11

I took the day off from work yesterday and worked played in the garden all day. Needing potting soil, I stopped at a local nursery, where I found this: (Photo is a little dark, taken late last night.)

Pedilanthus bracteatus (aka Euphorbia bracteata) from Mexico. A huge empty pot, formerly a fountain, sits in the […]

Under Trees

Should any part of your garden extend under a tree canopy, be joyful, for you will never lack for tasks to keep you busy. (Ha!) But if your garden is home to spiky plants, no amount of sweeping and raking will help. The tree litter will be stuck, impaled, draped like dirty laundry for weeks […]

The Gospel According to San Marcos

The devoted gathered to hear Mr. Baldwin of the premiere West Coast nursery San Marcos Growers give a talk at Roger’s Gardens last Saturday on new plant introductions. Be warned that this post will be plant-wonkish in the extreme.


Solanum marginatum

Cable TV was turned back on in our house after an absence of about a year of no TV other than Netflix. Fiberoptic cable was laid on our street, so a package deal with faster internet, cable TV, and phone service included was cheaper than our old phone bill. The devil comes in package deals. […]

Garden Tasks, Dogs & Productivity

I work at home most days of the week and keep this guy fairly close all day. Working alone all day with a dog instead of people has some interesting ramifications. I’m not sure if it makes me any more productive, as that link discusses, but at a minimum he’s good at reminding me to […]

Hortus Chaotica

So many contradictions, so little time.

A love of spare, austere, sculptural plantings. Yet every summer I still invite the circus to camp in my garden.