here’s to 2012

The usual quiet of my little garden was broken by lots of chatter and laughter in 2011.

Thank you!

I’ve been entertained, educated, enthralled, and enchanted by our garden blogging community in 2011 and can’t wait to read what you’re up to in 2012.

With much affection, Denise/A Growing Obsession


gentlemen, stop your motors

The Los Angeles Times ran this piece in their Pro Portfolio section on Monday, December 26, and it really deserves another look. The article profiles the home garden of Katherine Spitz, of Katherine Spitz Associates, Inc., Landscape Architecture.

The Pro Portfolio format allows for the designer to describe their project, in this case, her […]

poinsettia hangover

I was up early with the possums this morning after Christmas.

Seconds before we startled each other, my attentions had been directed at the Euphorbia milii, or Crown of Thorns, on the other side of the hedge.

A couple neighbors have outlined their front lawns and walkways with extensive potted collections of this […]

Occasional Daily Weather Report: Hailstorm damage

There’s really nothing else I can think of that could cause this mysterious pitting:

Last week a very local weather system kicked up, causing a tremendous downpour and hail. The rainfall was that rare, torrential, deafening kind that always makes me laugh in amazement. The thunder and lightning soon put a stop to the […]

Growing Dragon Fruit

Yesterday, 12/20/11, The Los Angeles Times ran a well-informed piece on the cultivation and propagation of pitahaya, or dragon fruit, written by Jeff Spurrier of the The Global Garden, which you can read here. I wrote about my neighbor’s dragon fruit here. (As far as what to call the dragon fruit, I guess it’s one […]

holiday cheer

the garden has started a holiday party of its own, in a very traditional palette

fountain with fishnet and text

The matted, black material at the base of this fountain merited closer inspection. Was it trash? Or perhaps something had gone terribly wrong with the water chemistry.

Not at all, just fishing net. A wonderful touch which brought a smile of recognition. This is Manhattan Beach, California, after all. Apart from utilitarian […]

Foliage Followup December 2011

400 South Hope Street, Los Angeles Mellon Bank Center

An enormous agave (A. weberi?) in a sea of Senecio mandraliscae, ribboning out into massed plantings of dwarf phormium, then masses of a smaller agave, replaced by blocks of feather grass. The hedge to the left is bamboo.

Foliage Followup courtesy of Pam at […]

Bloom Day December 2011

An unexpected afternoon cloudburst visited the garden this Bloom Day.

In five minutes it was over, leaving enough time to collect some photos before sunset. Self-sown Orlaya grandiflora, the Minoan Lace.

Rose ‘Bouquet d’Or still in a flush of blooms.

Nicotiana alata ‘Lime Green’ and Thunbergia alata, one of the lighter, […]

Rolling Greens Nursery

I had a job just down the street from Rolling Greens Nursery yesterday, but the sun was already set by the time I paid them a visit. The store is a big, roomy, open air space (formerly a tire shop) that’s a pleasure to visit, but too dim for photos after sunset. This location is […]