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2012’s end

What a beautiful, tragic, maddening, saddening, intoxicating, infuriating, sublime and silly year 2012 was. While I indulge a bittersweet mood with Picasa’s collage editor, I’m wishing you the very, very best for 2013 — heavy on the sublime, light on … Continue reading

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starting over with Kalanchoe ‘Pink Butterflies’

Its lifespan as fleeting and evanescent as a butterfly’s, the mother plant’s single stalk ultimately elongated to over 4 feet tall, bloomed, and dropped all but the topmost leaves. All in less than two years’ time. Seen here in better … Continue reading

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Passiflora loefgrenii, also known as the garlic passionfruit vine from Brazil, is making an unlikely, late-December flowering debut in my garden. This December show is probably a one-time fluke for a summer bloomer that will settle down to a more … Continue reading

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Yesterday was the winter solstice, so one of the best holiday presents of all, the gift of lengthening days, has already been delivered. I’ll take that over new socks any day. Huzzah! I’ve gift-wrapped AGO in some images from 2012, … Continue reading

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you are here

Don’t laugh, but it was cold, relatively speaking, in Los Angeles yesterday. Last night was down into the low 40’s. Marty and I took the Metro up to the ArcLight in Hollywood to see Hyde Park on Hudson, and the … Continue reading

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driveby gardens 12/17/12; studies in textures

It’s been chronically drizzly the past few days, perfect weather for thinning and transplanting some broccoli rabe seedlings at my community garden plot. On the drive home I slowed for some interesting front gardens of contrasting character, some shrubby, some … Continue reading

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sunday clippings 12/16/12

I was skimming through the design archives of the Wall Street Journal online yesterday, a wonderful trove of good reading, and recognized the pressed leaves of Macleaya cordata, the plume poppy, used by the shoe designer Christian Louboutin to decorate … Continue reading

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Bloom Day December 2012

The last Bloom Day in 2012 — I’m keeping this one short, but if interested you can use the search function on the blog for more information/photos on any of these. Helleborus argutifolius Perlargonium echinatum Gerbera ‘Drakensberg Carmine’ Senecio medley-woodii, … Continue reading

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Amsterdam houseboat gardens

Can you string together three other words that conjure as much bliss as those? Perhaps you can. But having been obsessed with some garden or other most of my life, and having lived with a boat captain most of my … Continue reading

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Agave titanota (crush with eyeliner)

Let me change the holiday music channel, if ever so briefly, by sharing the soundtrack that plays every time I walk by this agave, my crush with eyeliner. Agave titanota hybrid ‘Lanky Wanky’ A silly, last-round-at-the-pub name for a sideways-leaning … Continue reading

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