Fishing with Senecio radicans

From a recent garden tour. The fishhook senecio, Senecio radicans, doing what it does best, throwing its lines of hook-shaped leaves not from a pier but from a second-story balcony.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this arrangement, because it wasn’t directly underneath but around a corner, screened by other plants. A […]

driveby agave garden revisited

I’ve been thinking of Jud’s garden. Did the recent unseasonal heat waves bruise any agaves? I didn’t memorize the address, so it took a while to find again, which seems to be a recurring theme with this garden. Was it on Colorado or Fourth Street? East or west of Termino? After about a half hour’s […]

a long weekend (and a local plant sale)

Name me three other words in the English language that can be strung together to produce as exciting an effect as A…Long…Weekend.

The pergola table will have to be cleared for weekend breakfasts and dinners. (I never seem to eat lunch anymore.)

Anticipating a long weekend, there seems time enough for anything. Maybe […]

pod love

Garden bloggers have been giving it up for flowers, for leaves. How about some pod love? I know it’s a little early in the season for seedpods for a lot of gardens, but I happen to have dried-up, dessicated plant life on the brain after last week’s ferocious Santa Ana winds.

And I also […]

Plectranthus ‘Emerald Lace’

Loree is talking about her favorite plant of the week today, and Pam is discussing the virtues of beautiful leaves, which of course set my eye wandering critically over a heat-ravaged landscape to find a suitable entry. Needless to say, I was coming up bupkis. I must have walked by this plectranthus a dozen times […]

Bloom Day May 2014

Thank goodness, unlike me, some like it hot, such as Dalea purpurea. the Purple Prairie Clover. Zoned only as far as 8* and not recommended too far south, so zone 10 was a gamble as far as lack of winter dormancy. Might not be long-lived here, but it’s putting on a good […]

Potted’s wind chime revival

Relax, I’m not going to talk about the astonishing heat wave we’re having but something light and buoyant.

First, remember Ned Racine’s initial, fateful meeting with two-steps-ahead Matty in the movie Body Heat?

NED You can stand here with me if you want, but you’ll have to agree not to talk […]

dishy tillandsias

From a garden on the Los Angeles Garden Conservancy Open Days tour last weekend.

on the tour; chasing variegated chimeras

A garden I visited on Saturday decidedly belonged to a devotee of the variegated leaf. (It takes one to know one.) The infatuation wasn’t apparent at first glance. This was a mature garden, well-treed, bambooed and shrubbed. But after every twist and turn, in every shady nook, another splash, blotch or stripe of variegata lurked, […]

Agave parryi ‘Cream Spike’

This is such a sweet agave for containers. Under a foot across in ultimate size, it is nevertheless a busy little mother. Just before its photo, I had cleaned out the offsets it produces so freely, which I’ll grow on to size in the front gravel garden. I did the same […]