To A Good Home

The wind has battered the alstroemeria. The support I provided, a bottomless wrought iron chair, serves more as a guillotine, bending the stalks around knee level. A gigantic tomato cage, 6 feet high and as much across, might contain this irrationally exuberant plant.

Yes, I’m feeling defensive, to explain the need to cut down a beautiful plant in its prime, in spring, in full bloom. But I’ve noticed the moment I consider the garden without a problematic plant, it’s days are numbered. And I’m definitely envisioning the garden without it.

The biggest concern are the three gorgeous, chartreuse native Monterey cypresses planted along the fence line, that are being crushed and deformed by the peruvian lilies. These were planted for privacy screening and must be protected at all costs.

(And the Siam Ruby banana currently in too much shade would be perfect in this spot, maybe with some more bronze fennel.)

Sooo…this weekend will most likely be the alstroemeria’s last. If anyone wishes to dare to try a bit of this robust grower in their roomy garden, I will send along divisions for the price of postage only. Leave a comment if you’re interested (and start looking around for a gigantic tomato cage).

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