Sybarites Unite!

The cats have completely taken over the biv, as they do all the choice sitting spots.


Work schedule causes summer to hurtle along into fall. I know, I’m grateful in such perilous times to have the work. But amidst this unjust state of affairs, where there are those who work too much, some can’t find enough, some find none at all, it occurs to me that gardeners are the true sybarites of the world. Who enjoys the world more than us? (Well, forget about cats for a moment.) We don’t defer enjoyment, as in having to drive to the perfect rock-climbing or fishing or surfing spot. We simply step outside the door, and enjoyment floods in.


To chain a sybarite to a desk in summer is a crime analagous to slipping amphetamines into the morning kitty kibble, in a reversal sort of way.


Someone once gave this mostly Irish family a sign: “Authentic Irishman for Hire.”

Perhaps there’s one hanging in your garage too.


Sybarites can do all of the above and more. We just need a bit more self-promotion:

Authentic Sybarite For Hire (Summer)
Botanizing and pontificating
Gardening, skylarking, and carrying on.
Available all hours.
Experienced digging companion.

Sybarites unite!

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3 Responses to Sybarites Unite!

  1. nikkipolani says:

    Oh, I absolutely adore that first shot.

  2. Kathy Stoner says:

    Embracing my inner Sybarite here, Ted and Doobie have perfected the technique..

  3. Denise says:

    NP — don’t they look blissful?
    KS — meeting Doobie was one of the IU highlights…

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