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Bloom Day April 2012

April deserves a thorough Bloom Day post, but if I’m to get this in before midnight it’ll have to be brief. A big change here is that the poppies of Troy, Papaver setigerum, are over sooner than I’d like. I … Continue reading

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back in a few

While we’re away for a couple days for the San Francisco Flower & Garden show, Agave ‘Mr. Ripples’ will have to take over chin-scratching duties. Don’t wear him out, Joseph, okay? Good or bad, inspired or tired, garden shows are … Continue reading

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warming up

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Where were we? I’ve been working at the day job like a navvy, trying to clear some time for spring garden visits, shows and whatnot. But the garden in March initiates a measured sequence of distractions, which can really mess … Continue reading

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a monday collage

A new week, slightly out of focus. Feed the cats, make the coffee, read Paul Krugman’s column. Routines are the pitons hammered into the seams of blurry grey rock that is a Monday morning. A quick check on the garden. … Continue reading

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Orange Is A Color You Either Love or Hate

The front gravel garden is aglow in orange. Dyckias, Spanish poppies. Personally, I’m on very good terms with orange. Some good plants refuse to come in any other color.

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Poppies Unbound

My first poppy of spring, P. setigerum, self-sown Dwarf Breadseed Poppy or Poppy of Troy. Nothing unfurls like a poppy. Sure, roses and peonies have more petals, so the process is more complicated and, therefore, some might say more thrilling. … Continue reading

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Fail Better (Summer Recap)

I admit it’s a little early for a summer recap, but there is a penultimate feel to the garden today. By this time, whatever plans I’ve laid have either happened or failed to happen. It’s time to admit this is … Continue reading

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July in the Front Garden

The Spanish poppies, P. ruprifagrum, are still blooming, but if I pull out the wayward stalks with their seed capsules leaning every which way, I can manage to get some photos of the other plants that live here. This narrow … Continue reading

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I’m constantly accused of not respecting boundaries, of letting plants take over spaces which some people feel should properly remain under the control of humans and not the plant kingdom. That a sight which gladdens my heart, a pathway seeded … Continue reading

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