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things to do in the Bay Area after a garden show

or any other preposition that fits your schedule — before the show, between visits to the show. Of course, you don’t have to wait until the next garden show in 2013 for a visit. Building REsources, discussed before here and … Continue reading

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more garden

I just couldn’t make the leap to water gardening last year and still don’t feel the undeniable urge this year to find the answers to all the questions I still have, so the intended water garden, a 3X2 foot steel … Continue reading

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metal basket

The day I picked up my shelves at go2machinery, a salvage yard/building in Gardena, I also found this basket of expandable metal. Mad metal lust gripped my heart. And baskets are always useful, right? And then there was this little … Continue reading

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Outdoor Rooms Need Shelving

Outdoor furniture, kitchens, fireplaces. Outdoor fabrics have come a long way for dirt and UV resistance. But anyone else notice something lacking? Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places, but it seems to me that for sturdy outdoor … Continue reading

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pieces of Rancho Reubidoux

The inaugural Rancho Reubidoux Bazaar took place this weekend, a truly one-of-a-kind experience amounting to a physical journey through Reuben’s blog posts, a kind of dimension-pushing experience with flash mob overtones. Blogging in 3-D, so to speak. At my last … Continue reading

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Raw Salvage

I first heard about Big Daddy’s architectural salvage and antique business from Reuben’s blog Rancho Reubidoux and had been itching to check it out ever since, which I finally did about a month ago. The contrast between the natural world … Continue reading

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Riches of Rancho Reubidoux

Faithful readers of Reuben Munoz’s blog, Rancho Reubidoux, will have followed Reuben’s decision to join the Riverside Flower Show and Garden Tour, cheering him on as he underwent the harrowing process of qualifying to be on the tour and then … Continue reading

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Plant Show Weekend/Weakened

I vaguely remember promising not to post any more photos of tulips, so in my weakened state I’m violating that oath with one more photo of tulips ‘Queen of the Night,’ taken just before heading north for the San Francisco … Continue reading

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“Captain, your ship is salvage!” Possibly the most chilling words any ship’s captain will ever hear. Maritime law dating back to Byzantine times allows a ship and its cargo to be claimed by anyone, acting voluntarily (not in an official … Continue reading

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A Grate Idea

Up early, prowling around with the camera, Mr. Agave has an eerie glow in his new, most likely temporary quarters:

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