some cool customers

For a reliable dose of cool, deep greens and blues are the colors to choose Yucca whipplei, Agave ‘Blue Glow,’ Elymus arenarius, Blue Lyme Grass

Cool comes smooth, barbed, spiked, sometimes all at once. Barbs of Furcraea macdougalii

Cool can take the heat. (Thank you, Aloe marlothiii, for remaining flawlessly […]

Occasional Daily Photos 9/26/12

Couple things caught my eye in the front garden tonight. Santolina ‘Lemon Fizz’ has thickened up nicely over the summer into a sturdy chartreuse bun.

And one of my favorite indicators of the end of summer, the aeoniums coming out of dormancy, deepening in color and plumping up.


monday clippings 9/24/12

It may technically be autumn, but the high temps and torpor of summer persist. I’m feeling a bit muzzled by the heat, but stuff is still getting done. Agave parrasana ‘Fireball’ was moved to a larger pot this weekend.

As was Agave ‘Dragon Toes’

And this little New Zealand Tree Daisy […]

small space big style: Potted shows how it’s done

You’ve gotta get over to Potted’s blog to see their before-and-after photos documenting Potted’s contribution to the California Home+Design showhouse at The Hollywood Lofts.

Follow Potted’s step-by-step photos to find how they arrived at this:

And this: (Note the debut of Potted’s City Planter in white.)

Annette and Mary mix modern and […]

succulent container with ocotillo

Running errands in Orange County yesterday, I popped into the new Rolling Greens again to see if their selection of outdoor plants had arrived. Yes, a good range of succulents was in, including this fabulous variegated beaucarnia or Pony Tail Palm.

There were also some striking succulent containers planted up and added to […]

Bloom Day September 2012

A stupefyingly hot Bloom Day here in Los Angeles. June and July were lovely, August and September the devil’s smithy. This heat wave is having the same effect on the streets as martial law, rendering them eerily quiet and empty. The garden is pretty quiet too.

Amazingly, some things have the backbone to bloom […]

August water bill

20 percent less water usage this past August compared to August 2011. That wasn’t too terribly painful. The back garden is fairly torn up right now, but that’s all me, Edwina Shovelhands, not a result of any water rationing. The Lobelia tupa did perish under the August sun, just crisped away, but not for lack […]

Rolling Greens opens in Orange County

I’m so very glad that owner Greg Salmeri and creative director Angela Hicks have opened another location where they can express their unique “global nomad” outlook on indoor/outdoor rooms and gardens, bringing the total to three locations in Southern California: The original Rolling Greens Culver City location, the second location on Beverly Boulevard in West […]

my, how they grow

Looking at the front fence, in back of which, planted along the sidewalk, is a row of box hedging, now over 7 feet tall. Height restrictions of course limit privacy options for fences along the sidewalk, but as far as augmenting fence height with hedges, the sky’s the limit. At least that’s my interpretation […]