live through this (Halloween 2012)

After the storm of the century, are you really in the mood for a postapocalyptic zombie movie on Halloween?

I know I’m not. Gates are locked, porch lights are dimmed, and on the Netflix queue tonight we’ll be watching (and it streams):

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (photo from 3guys1movie)

Just my speed. […]

Wordless Wednesday

After spending all day Tuesday Monday blowing work deadlines, riveted to Frankenstorm coverage, the safe haven of Wordless Wednesday beckons. After a storm like that, what is there to say?

Oh, maybe two more words: stay safe. (This post will make more sense when it eventually is Wednesday, that is, tomorrow. All […]

Occasional Daily Photo: corkscrews

Reputedly a more restrained passion vine, a young Passiflora loefgrenii, the Garlic Passion Flower, gives an exciting, tightly coiled performance its first year even when not in bloom.

Now imagine this with passionflowers. Hurry, summer 2013!

James Griffith; Natural Selection/Offramp Gallery 11/18/12

Offramp Gallery – November 18 – December 23, 2012 Opening Reception: Sunday, November 18, 2-5pm Closing Reception & Holiday Party: Sunday, December 23, 2-5pm 1702 Lincoln Avenue | Pasadena, CA 91103 | 626-298-6931 Artists Sue Dadd and James Griffith seem to invariably have both their names spoken in the same breath.

Bagging some glass […]

wall street occupies central park

From Wikipedia: “Patronage is the support, encouragement, privilege, or financial aid that an organization or individual bestows to another.”

New York City’s Central Park has found a patron to rival the Medicis. Hedge fund manager John. A. Paulson has gifted Central Park $100 million.

photo by Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times


more on garden shelves

There was never any question I’d leave this alone, last seen in this iteration. The nice thing about this arrangement is that it tucks under the eaves and keeps the pots dry during winter. Not a big deal considering our underwhelming rainy season, but still a minor consideration.

It made sense to put the […]

under overcast skies at last

We’ve been watching an old Swedish detective show, Wallander, which is subtitled in English. I’m crazy for that soft, muted Swedish light, which I can only imagine is similar to what we’ve been getting the past few days, creating a pale backdrop for the tetrapanax’s lengthening candelabra of flower buds. Pearly, opalescent — all good […]

driveby agave garden

I have the Long Beach Marathon to thank for finding this garden. No, I didn’t run the marathon, more like actively avoided it. The marathon barricades cut off much of my end of Long Beach on October 6, so trying to get a few errands done was a circuitous challenge. I ended up in neighborhoods […]

Foliage Followup 10/16/12

Hosted by Pam Penick at Digging

Two of the great memes in garden bloggery, Bloom Day on the 15th and the Foliage Followup on the 16th. Pam’s photo above of an anole in her Austin, Texas garden suggests a third meme, for wildlife, which would really ratchet up demands for a good camera kit […]

Bloom Day October 2012

A nice little rainstorm rolled into town last Thursday. For a sweet, brief moment, it almost seemed like autumn, but the heat has returned this week. Still, the garden has had a reasonable soaking, a rare thing for October, which is helping to settle in the new fall plantings. Much of the summer 2012 garden […]