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the buzz on plants

Got home from work yesterday and was still in the process of dropping all my gear off in the office, when the first person to greet me did so briefly then in quick order uttered those anxiety-making words: “I’ve got … Continue reading

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clippings 2/26/13

Work has piled up, so there’s little time for much else. But something I can always squeeze in while under deadlines are small breaks to read catalogue descriptions of plants. And with impeccable timing, a great Australian plant nursery catalogue … Continue reading

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Les’ Winter Walk-Off

Les’ rules (A Tidewater Gardener). Leave your home or workplace on foot. Bicycles are OK. Bring a camera along. Depending where you live, the Winter Walk-off challenge may be a snowy trek requiring a team of huskies and a sled … Continue reading

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We’re in the early planning stages of another project, and I’ve started to notice a pattern here. Often projects start out with stuff we’ve found, which gets stored deep in the recesses of the garage and is completely forgotten, but … Continue reading

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beauty’s best bargain

for me will always be plants. 401ks and SEPs may crash and burn, but I’ll always be able to live on the cheap surrounded by some of the most gorgeous patterns and shapes on earth. Some of the results from … Continue reading

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which way to the garden?

Ever click on a house tour article that opens with a photo like this, hoping to see a few more photos of the landscape? If the article is about a house for sale on the island of Barbados, I’m betting … Continue reading

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Bloom Day February 2013

I admit I’m a vulgarian, if there was any doubt left. By February I’m starved for brash and garish, even though it violates the subtle order of nature that has spring unfolding with a delicacy that builds by degrees to … Continue reading

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exploring a coastal garden with Lili Singer

This Pacific Palisades garden was the final garden we visited 1/24/13 with Lili Singer via the LA County Arboretum Thursday Garden Talk series. Despite being firmly in the grasp of winter this January morning, or as firm a grasp on … Continue reading

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Occasional Daily Photo 2/12/13

I just potted the Pelargonium echinatum into this chipped Bauer pot inherited from my grandmother. A chipped Bauer pot ceases to be a sacred cow and can definitely mix it up with the other garden pots. Just took me a … Continue reading

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Aloes in Southern California

It’s that time of year again to catch the displays of these spectacular South African succulents in bloom around town. These photos were taken mid-day at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden 2/7/13. Aloe vryheidensis. Many were of … Continue reading

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