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compound interest

Image found here I don’t have a lot of botanical vocabulary at my fingertips anymore, but I do know a compound leaf when I see one*, since I’ve always had a pronounced weakness for them. If you’ve got a potted … Continue reading

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onesies (Stachys ‘Bella Grigio’)

I had the best time nursery hopping over the weekend, looking for my mom’s summer tomato plants and gleefully indulging in a practice we’re always sternly advised against: Never buy one of this and that. Always plant in threes and … Continue reading

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Alstroemeria ‘Rock & Roll’ (consider yourself warned)

A mind-numbing, eye-hemorrhaging, variegated alstroemeria has been unleashed at Southern California nurseries this spring. I reached for the camera phone when I saw big displays at two nurseries over the weekend. Alstroemeria ‘Rock & Roll.’ The tag predicts that it … Continue reading

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colors of Acacia baileyana ‘Purpurea’

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have the eyes to see them.” — John Ruskin Such solemn earnestness was a hallmark of the Victorian age and much lampooned, but you won’t … Continue reading

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the desert gardens of Steve Martino

I’m checking the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days website daily now, anxiously awaiting full publication of this year’s schedule. I’m expanding my radius to include Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, Palm Springs, California, New Mexico, anyplace I’ll be likely to find some … Continue reading

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Meet The Midge

I don’t know about you, but my thoughts in spring typically turn to…tables. Chairs, too, always chairs, but that’s another post. But I have enough big tables. I just had this discussion with Marty at the flea market last Sunday … Continue reading

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young grasshopper

Helping himself to a serving of Aeonium ‘Cyclops.’ I admit to being just ever so slightly phobic about grasshoppers. I have no idea why. No other insect rattles me like these. This one’s tawny color and freshly minted exoskeleton drew … Continue reading

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Bloom Day March 2014

Typical for March, the reseeding poppies are the biggest showboats in my garden at the moment. Anticipating where and against what backdrop another loopy-necked bloom will open each morning is a huge part of their appeal. Summer-dormant Pelargonium echinatum has … Continue reading

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soon now

Some visual encouragement from my garden today and gardens I’ve visited in the past. Just in case spring still seems impossibly far away. private garden, Los Angeles private garden, Los Angeles private garden, Los Angeles private garden, Los Angeles private … Continue reading

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the Taft Garden

“Ancient geologic forces shaped the Ojai Valley that modern-day visitors find so attractive. This part of Ventura County lies in a region geologists call the Transverse Range Province. Transverse means “lying across,” and the mountains and valleys in these parts … Continue reading

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